Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Underhell - Chapter 1 Trailer

Trailer for the Half-life 2 mod i'm coding for. Check out the already released prologue!

Official Website:

Env_message Entity modification HL2 (for Underhell mod)

A modification to Env_message. The button on the left is an Env_message entity with a parameter override in a new input function. This mod uses that override to specify which message index to print. This way numerous different messages can be displayed with only one Env_message entity.

The right-most button is a game_text entity and the middle two are Env_message entities using keyvalues instead of parameter overrides to print a message. Source code for this is available on request.

Ambient Generic entity fixed (for Underhell mod)

This fixes the Ambient Generic stop and toggle methods to stop and toggle a non-looping sound.

This online guide:

did not work correctly until I notted (! operator) m_fLooping in the if statement.

Shooting the white block toggles the sound and shooting the other block stops the sound.