Friday, October 26, 2012

Underhell Chapter One : Sneak Gameplay Demostration

After 3 months of being quiet, here is the first Gameplay Video of Underhell Chapter One, showcasing the sneaky and infiltration gameplay aspect of the game.

1 : None of the AI behavior is scripted

2 : The Dynamic Music is entirely in game until the final montage.
3 : It is still a work in progress.

Make sure to read the tutorial to Understand how this works!

Mod DB Page :

Website :

Steam Community Page :

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A Small Untiy3d game made by Thomas Marks and I.

Click on the Image to Play! or click here to download the executables for both MacOS and Windows.

Music By Nintendo.



You control a ship with forward thrust and rotation to shoot asteroids, which break into smaller pieces, and score points while avoiding collision with them.


You must avoid and shoot obstacles to score points, with the same method and controls as the original but are also trying to escort and protect objects from the right side of the screen to the left to the multiply your score. Each time you make it back to the escort pick-up, you have to take more back with you.


An explosion in the neighboring boom-town has set their buildings ablaze! What’s more, its destroyed the only railway out of ton and sent flaming tumbleweeds sky high! Luckily, a local inventor has just finished his latest and greatest work, ‘The Mach-47 HeliTrain’! As the only engineer crazy enough to fly this thing, can you escort the townsfolk out of the boom-town and to safety!?!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Simple Raytracer

Simple raytracer that calculates colors for individual pixels. The raytracer is able to calculate shadows, diffuse lighting, specular reflection, as wells as actual reflection up to three levels of recursion. Executable found here and a sample parameter file here.

Formating for the parameters:

NEAR <n>
LEFT <l>
TOP <t>
RES <x> <y>
SPHERE <name> <pos x> <pos y> <pos z> <scl x> <scl y> <scl z> <r> <g> <b> <Ka> <Kd> <Ks> <Kr> <n>
LIGHT <name> <pos x> <pos y> <pos z> <Ir> <Ig> <Ib>
BACK <r> <g > <b>
AMBIENT <Ir> <Ig> <Ib>
OUTPUT <name>

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Underhell - Chapter 1 Trailer

Trailer for the Half-life 2 mod i'm coding for. Check out the already released prologue!

Official Website:

Env_message Entity modification HL2 (for Underhell mod)

A modification to Env_message. The button on the left is an Env_message entity with a parameter override in a new input function. This mod uses that override to specify which message index to print. This way numerous different messages can be displayed with only one Env_message entity.

The right-most button is a game_text entity and the middle two are Env_message entities using keyvalues instead of parameter overrides to print a message. Source code for this is available on request.

Ambient Generic entity fixed (for Underhell mod)

This fixes the Ambient Generic stop and toggle methods to stop and toggle a non-looping sound.

This online guide:

did not work correctly until I notted (! operator) m_fLooping in the if statement.

Shooting the white block toggles the sound and shooting the other block stops the sound.

Friday, January 27, 2012

OpenGL Affine Transformations Project

OpenGL animations done with affine transformations. A bee flies around a swaying flower with a sphere for foliage. Since OpenGL is not object-oriented and I do not feel comfortable handling non-object animations, I made classes for both the bee and the flower. The static keyword allows for calling class functions without creating an actual object.

Link to zipped executable here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sierpinski Gasket

This fascinating pattern is created by the following steps:
  1. Pick 3 vertices for a triangle
  2. Assign a color for each vertex (In this case, red, green and blue)
  3. Pick an arbitrary point "p" that is inside the triangle, with an arbitrary color
  4. Pick, at random, one of the vertices. 
  5. Find the midpoint, "m", between "p" and the randomly picked vertex, along with the mid-point color
  6. Draw "m", and replace "p" with "m"
  7. Repeat from step 4

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tornado in Unity3D with physics

Particle Effect Tornado in Unity3D. Sounds and Particle Effect settings NOT BY ME. These were provided by

All I did was add C# scripts to rigid-bodies, in this case the cubes, so that they would react when in proximity to the tornado.

WARNING!: Run in windowed mode! (only way to exit is to click the X button on the window)
Link to zipped executable.

Nachman: Class Project

Two screenshots from a class project from winter quarter of last year. This was done in C++.

Graphics Library by Konstantin Knizhnik

Link to zipped executable

Inception-Themed HL2 MAP/MOD

Third, and most definitively my favorite part of the small hl2 mod I made over the summer. Music not by me.

Mod Lab Part 2

Part 2 of the second level of a small mod I made over the summer. This video shows part of a burning building with weakened wooden supports. Touching them results in whatever is left of the ceiling to come crashing down.

Virtual Rangefinder in Unity3D

Over  900 individual collider-detecting raycasts

Covers a 45° by 45° Field of View square

Each point is saved as a Cartesian coordinate

Point Cloud generated from one iteration of the rangefinder. Every individual raycast is attributed to only one point

Sample Scene. Simple lighting, simple geometry

Green lines represent raycasts. Over 400 done in this frame.

Resulting Point Cloud

Sample Scene

Resulting Point Cloud


Multiple iterations will provide more accurate Point Cloud

Also works on models.


Mod Lab Part1

First part of level 2 of a small unreleased mod I made over the summer in my spare time. Music not by me.

Grapple weapon mod hl2

My attempt to make a grapple in HL2. Inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Explosive Crossbow HL2

Very simple crossbow mod in the source engine .Ive added a few lines  to create an explosion when a crossbow bolt hits something (and does not rebound). I was going for a Ramboish effect.