Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A Small Untiy3d game made by Thomas Marks and I.

Click on the Image to Play! or click here to download the executables for both MacOS and Windows.

Music By Nintendo.



You control a ship with forward thrust and rotation to shoot asteroids, which break into smaller pieces, and score points while avoiding collision with them.


You must avoid and shoot obstacles to score points, with the same method and controls as the original but are also trying to escort and protect objects from the right side of the screen to the left to the multiply your score. Each time you make it back to the escort pick-up, you have to take more back with you.


An explosion in the neighboring boom-town has set their buildings ablaze! What’s more, its destroyed the only railway out of ton and sent flaming tumbleweeds sky high! Luckily, a local inventor has just finished his latest and greatest work, ‘The Mach-47 HeliTrain’! As the only engineer crazy enough to fly this thing, can you escort the townsfolk out of the boom-town and to safety!?!

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