Friday, January 13, 2012

Tornado in Unity3D with physics

Particle Effect Tornado in Unity3D. Sounds and Particle Effect settings NOT BY ME. These were provided by

All I did was add C# scripts to rigid-bodies, in this case the cubes, so that they would react when in proximity to the tornado.

WARNING!: Run in windowed mode! (only way to exit is to click the X button on the window)
Link to zipped executable.

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  1. Hi Carlos,

    I am a student from Upenn and recently I started working on a game project that needs tornado effects. The main idea is using analog input to control how tornado moves so that the player can cause as much damage as he can. My team planned to work in Unity3D, but we don't know how to implement the tornado effects. If you can generously share the resources for creating that tornado (animations, particle effects, code, etc.) we would greatly appreciate it and give you appropriate credit when the game is done.

    If you are interested, I can let you see our high concept doc. Thanks a lot!